Mole Removal

Using Laser

Laser mole removal is a cosmetic procedure that utilises laser technology to target and break down the pigments in moles. This non-invasive method is generally suitable for smaller, non-cancerous moles on the skin’s surface. The laser emits focused light energy, which is absorbed by the pigments in the mole, causing them to fragment. Over time, the body’s natural healing processes work to eliminate the treated mole.

It’s important to note that laser mole removal may not be suitable for suspicious or cancerous moles, and in such cases, surgical excision is often recommended.


Mole removal through surgery involves a minor surgical procedure performed by a Plastic Surgeon.

Surgical mole removal is a common and effective method, especially for larger moles or those with potential health risks. Our approach varies as per patients needs and surgery at our centre is carried out meticulously to provide optimum results to our patients.