Stappled Circumcision


Circumcision, a minor surgical procedure, involves the removal of a tight foreskin or prepuce skin. Typically recommended for conditions where foreskin retraction is problematic, circumcision serves various purposes, including religious beliefs, medical necessities, and addressing recurrent infections.

Indications for Circumcision

Religious Significance:

Common in Muslim and Jewish communities. Not advised for individuals with hypospadias or epispadias.


Inability to retract the prepuce skin in both flaccid and erect conditions.


Foreskin cannot be repositioned after being pulled back, leading to swelling and discomfort.

Recurrent Infections (Balanitis):

Inflammation and infection of the foreskin and the head of the penis.

Procedure Details

Circumcision is an outpatient procedure, with adults undergoing it under local anesthesia and children under 8 to 10 years in mild sedation plus local anesthesia. Various circumcision types include stapler (ZSR) circumcision, laser circumcision, and traditional surgical circumcision, each with its own set of advantages and considerations.

Cost Considerations

Surgical costs depend on the chosen procedure and the location, with surgical circumcision being more economical compared to laser or stapler methods.

Alternatives to Circumcision

Dorsal Slit/Preputioplasty:

Involves a minor incision on the dorsal part of the prepuce to loosen a tight foreskin. Cosmetic outcomes may differ from traditional circumcision.


Suitable for cases where foreskin retracts but painful erections persist. Involves cutting the tight frenulum on the ventral aspect of the penis.

Circumcision in Children

Prepuce skin typically does not retract in children up to 3 years. Consultation is advised if foreskin remains non-retractable by age 4. Circumcision in children may be warranted for painful urination, recurrent infections, redness/white discharge, or a tight foreskin causing bulging during urination.

Treatment options range from adhesion removal to dorsal slit or circumcision. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of circumcision, its indications, procedure types, cost factors, alternatives, and considerations for children.

ZSR-Stapler circumcision

ZSR-Stapler circumcision surgery is the surgical removal of the penile foreskin using a stapler," "i.e., a medical device specially designed to remove the foreskin. We at Asteria Aesthetics specialise in Stappled Circumcison. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. The entire procedure takes around 15 min.It as absolutely painless.